Autonomous Marine Exploration Robot

High-efficiency solar panels and battery systems allow these robots to operate completely self-sustained. NYX's in-built camera allows it to broadcast photos and video, overlaying telemetry and map data.

The hardware platform consists of a hybrid low-level high-reliability device controllers, coupled with an ARM Cortex processor for higher-level planning and routing. The platform features a GPS, triple axis magnetometer, and a high-definition video camera. Communications options include 4G wireless broadband and satellite communications with the IridiumĀ® constellation. NYX utilises Blue Robotics 4200 rpm thrusters capable of a total 4.72 kilograms of thrust.

NYX's long term challenge is to self-navigate from Australia to the coast of Antarctica, a distance of 3190 kilometres. The journey will be broadcast on social media, by the robot itself, photographing the coast on arrival.

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